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See what a local business video commercial can do for your business…

  • Conversions – An engaging video with a live actor on your home page can engage site visitors holding their attention longer and turning them into buyers.
  • Social Media – Video is the #1 method of sharing content on social media platforms. Now you have something to post and share!
  • SEO (Lead Generation) – We specialize in Local SEO and Video SEO. Video Search Engine Optimization will help your video get more exposure in more platforms across the web including the search engines. Your business commercial deserves to be seen by thousands of prospects in your local market and not be buried on youtube or hidden away only on your website.
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings – Video SEO also has the power to push your website placement higher in search engine rankings. Our goal is to get your video on page one of search engine results, but even if it doesn’t it is still sending powerful backlinks to your website with “link juice” that will help your website placement move higher up in the search engines.



$149……….Live Actor or Actress Business Video – Niche Specific (our library), customized for your business with name and phone number.

$149.………Local Business Commercials – Niche Specific (library of stock videos including animated whiteboards) customized for your business with name and phone number.

$99*…………“Mini” Live Actor Video* This type of niche video is sold differently because we can edit it whenever you like with different messaging on the button, removing the button, adding coupon offers, using a countdown timer etc. Therefore, its $99 set up fee and then $50 a month; however the first billing month is free.  No monthly contract, but monthly billing is set up on paypal and you can cancel at any time.

$175……..Review Videos (uses your own 5-Star reviews and includes “light” video SEO with placement on our Video Review Youtube Channel)

$250……..Custom Animated Explainer Video (aka whiteboard video) – We make this custom video for you with script, slides, voiceover (may be extra charge), and background music.



$50……….Animated Logo Intro – Your business logo with animated intro at the beginning of the video. It’s a nice touch.

$75……….Call-to-Action Slide – Attached at the beginning of the video and at the end of the video. Includes all your contact info and services etc. Duration at the end of the video is up to 10 seconds. These slides are also optimized for local SEO.

$199……..Video SEO (search engine optimization) The most important addon we offer. We fully optimize your raw video file and description for your industry and local market. We will upload your video to your Youtube business channel or ours. Then we place your video out to additional web 2.0 platforms and syndication to gather valuable back links that send link juice to your website. Please view our Video SEO page for better understanding.

$999……..Local Market Domination Package – 3 Videos with SEO and Call-to-Action Slide Best Value!  This local video SEO option is for 2 additional video versions of your initial video purchase (or your own video), that can target two additional cities in your local market or two additional keywords. (ask for details in your phone consultation after you fill out the contact form.)  A savings of $270 because you are getting 3 videos that target 3 – 4 cities in your local market.  

$150……..Create A Youtube Business Channel  – We hope we’ve inspired you to engage in video marketing; if so, you should have your own youtube business channel complete with a consistent look of your current website. We also optimize your channel for seo (there is a ton of stuff to do properly) in your local market, add associated social media links, create a playlist and channel verification.

You can visit our sister site PageOne-LocalMarketing.com to learn about all the internet marketing and seo services we provide a local business owner. 

Don’t know what to buy the first time?

We recommend buying one of our live actor videos or local business commercials for $149 + Call-to-Action Slide $75 + Video SEO $199 = $423



Click on a time slot below and we will schedule your free phone consultation to fully discuss your needs.

Once we get the details about your business and receive payment we will customize the video of your choice with your addons etc.  Give us up to 5 business days and then we will send the demo video to for your approval.  

Once we have your approval we will send you the raw .mp4 video file to you for your files. You can then upload the video to your Youtube channel.

If you don’t know how to upload your video to Youtube we can do that for you for an additional charge of $25. If you don’t have a Youtube channel (we can create one for you), we can upload the video to our channel for an additional charge of $25.

If you ordered video SEO, that will be in the upload channel process and then more SEO will be performed after upload.  We are looking forward to working with you!

If you have any questions before getting started, please fill out the contact form.



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