We are SEO experts and we love Video SEO!

business video agencyA video without seo will be buried on youtube and most likely will only be viewed from your website. That won’t generate leads for you.

Your new video commercial should be your virtual salesperson working 24 hours a day 365 days a year generating new leads off the web for your business.

Video SEO Techniques

We’ve been applying search engine accepted guidelines for SEO several years now and we know what it takes to get your video to rank highly in the search engines. It’s our proprietary formula that is very detailed and precise.

We will say that we go a lot further than just providing the meta data.

Most other seo’s don’t go as far as we do when it comes to optimizing your video because it takes too much time and the work can be tedious. But we know it’s worthwhile to our clients and customers!

Video SEO Benefits

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • generate valuable backlinks to your website
  • increase your overall web presence
  • helps build trust and authority to your website
  • Better visibility for your video will generate leads from the web

Video SEO Pricing – $199

Pricing for Video SEO is $199/ea.

However, be sure and check out our money saving Video SEO packages offered on our Buy Page.

If you can only purchase one addon – this should be it!  You’ll see the difference our Video SEO makes in your web presence, video visibility, and lead generation.


We can still perform Video SEO to boost your local business video and website rankings.

Our Video SEO is also a separate stand-alone service. Even if you don’t buy one of our business video commercials we would be happy to add video search engine optimization to your unpublished video or published videos for $199. This pricing applies for local small business videos only.

Just know that we are not able to apply our full performance Video SEO to videos that are already published.  However, what we are still able to do will make a noticeable and positive difference just the same.

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