Call To Action Slides are a powerful form of SEO and also help to build your brand recognition across the web.


Benefits of Having A Call To Action Slide

  • Searchers will begin to recognize your videos by your call to action slide.
  • These custom contact information slides appear at the beginning of your video and also at the end of the video to ensure that your prospect has all of your contact information, knows what your services are and has the time to jot anything down if needed.
  • These are also used as the custom thumbnail image when uploading your video to Youtube and other video sites. Having a custom thumbnail image ensures that you control the look of your first slide and not what the video upload format decides it will be.
  • We also SEO optimize the slide for your business.
  • The slide itself makes a nice graphic image to post on your social media platforms.
  • Three slide options to choose from.


Call to Action Slides are included with the Video + SEO package and the Local Domination package.


Style “A”
Style “B”
Style “C”